“Where professional artists take risks.”

Toronto Cold Reads (TCR) is a cold reading series that incubates new work written by professional (and emerging) film, television and theatre writers in Toronto. At TCR events, portions of five or six scripts are read by professional actors before a live audience. These scripts are submitted beforehand, selected based on merit, and then scheduled for an upcoming Sunday. It is our goal to see this work move into advanced phases of development. This objective makes TCR fertile ground for:

  • Writers to hear their work read out loud for further development;
  • Directors to see new faces;
  • Producers to find collaborators;
  • Performers to participate in new work, exercising their acting muscles in the process; and
  • Audience members to contribute to the development of a theatrical, film or television piece while enjoying a PWYC evening of entertainment.

TCR is a community for committed artists to take risks in a supportive and professional environment. All are welcome! Events take place at the Social Capital Theatre (near Broadview Station) every Sunday.

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  2. Lara

    Just wondering – I would love to come by and check the meetup out. I am not a script writer but would be interested in learning more about the group. Can I come along to observe as a first-timer?

    1. torontocoldreads1 Post author

      Of course! Audience members are just as welcome and appreciated. It’s a great show, if nothing else!


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