Jane Spence, founder, Toronto Cold Reads:

Jane Spence

“Greatly impacted and inspired by my six years of regularly attending the Vancouver Cold Reading Series – which continues to provide a supportive and strong community for artists to meet, create, and share their work – I began the Toronto Cold Reads when I moved to Toronto in 2003. With the help of many, but most significantly Melyssa Ade, Derrick Chua, Melissa Moore, Kurt Spenrath, and Jeffrey Wetsch, our events at the Victory Cafe were graced with many talented artists with whom we were able to build and strengthen a community. We continued to attract growing participants and audience members, resulting in standing-room-only crowds. In the three years it ran, TCR assisted in the production of two shows, with many of the pieces first read at the TCR going on to professional production. Many of our budding writers are now established professionals. After a long hiatus and many requests, we begin again.”

Playwrights that have had their pieces read at TCR include established authors: Damien Atkins; Bobby Del Rio; Paul Dunn; Brendan Gall; Richard Greenblatt; Kate Hewlett; Allison McWood; Adam Pettle; Drew Hayden Taylor, and Danielle Younge-Ullman. Five pieces that were initially read at TCR premiered at the Toronto Fringe Festival or SummerWorks.

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