May 21st Line-up: Thr33fest part 3

For our PENULTIMATE Cold Reads of Spring 2017 we bring you the THIRD installment of…


The number 3

Here’s how it works:
Each of these three writers started a script, then handed it off. The next person wrote a few more pages. Then handed it off. By the end, they had created three complete short scripts written in part by three different human beings!

This week’s scripts were written by:
Zoe Alexander, Winter Rowan and Sheila Toller

Plus writer’s challenge by David Straus.

And musical guest Mark Martyre will be joining us as well.

What? When? Where? and How?

Actors should arrive to sign up at 7:00 pm with the show to start at 8:00 pm. Our home is The Social Capital, located at 154 Danforth Avenue. It’s above the Black Swan Tavern just east of Broadview station on the Danforth.

Finale Announcements

May 28th is the spring finale of the 2017 Toronto Cold Reads. Which means–

  1. We FEAST! Bring a dish, if you can, to contribute to the potluck.

Table covered in Thanksgiving dishes of food.

2. Past musical guests will be returning for a musical collaboration! Come hear a short MUSICAL script in addition to the amazing scripts we always perform.

3. Come with your pitch ready. The Toronto Cold Reads may pause for the summer months, but our community keeps making, attending, and supporting great writing. Want the Cold Reads crew to come see your Fringe show or Summerworks production? TELL US.

Plan ahead, invite your friends–it’s going to be a night to remember.

How can you get involved?

Join our writing group for more encouragement, camaraderie, wisdom, and shared get-down-to-business writing time. We’d love to help you get new scripts ready to be shared at the Cold Reads… and beyond.

Show up to read a role, laugh/cry/applaud/listen as an audience member, join our writing group, and submit your writing at–everyone is welcome!